Terms and conditions

Speaktacular (hereinafter ‘Platform’) is a social media platform for women to support each other in an anonymous way. The platform has been created, is managed and administrated by Mrs. Schellenberg GmbH (hereafter Company), a company with limited liabilities with offices registered in 8803 Rueschlikon in Switzerland.

These Terms of Use (‘Terms’) govern the access and the usage of the Platform as well as define rights and obligations of all persons who access and/or use the Platform (hereinafter ‘Users’ or ‘you’).

By accessing and/or using the Platform, you explicitly confirm that you read and agree with ALL of the following terms:

1. Purpose

  • The Platform is a fully digital social media platform allowing the Users to access content, to share content and to comment on content shared by other Users in order to improve their own well-being as well as to improve well-being of others.

2. Users

  1. Users must be at least 16 years old to be allowed to access and use thePlatform. In some jurisdictions, this age limit may be higher.
  2. Accessing and using the Platform before reaching 16 years of age constitutes a breach of these Terms. This includes using the platform on behalf of a User who is not yet 16 years old (or the respectively required age limit in certain jurisdictions).
  3. The Platform is offered to Users free of charge.

3. Standards of Befaviour

  1. You must comply with the Standards of Behaviour described below at all times.
  2. Standards of Behaviour:
    a. Be yourself. The posts are 100% anonymous. Other Users will not know who you are.
    b. Make sure that your posts are clear and easy to understand. It will allow other Users to connect with you faster.
    c. When posting on the Platform, be respectful, honest, understanding, and open-minded. Always use ‘Trigger Warning’ if you suspect that your post contains sensitive content.
    d. You are strictly forbidden to post content or encourage others to post content that:
    1. is disrespectful, upsetting, harming, harassing, hateful, offensive, orin any other way violates the purpose of the Platform
    2. is defaming, slandering or can be considered a libel
    3. in any way violates or invades privacy of the other Users or any other persons
    4. discriminates the Users or any other person in any way, including but not limited to differences in culture, race, ethnicity, age, gender identity, sexual orientation, or differences in expression
    5. is illegal, including but not limited to content violating copyright and intellectual property rights or content that promotes or discusses illegal activities.
      e. To protect anonymity of the Users, you are not allowed to share on the Platform, your personal information as well as personal information of any other User or any other person including but not limited to names, surnames, addresses, emails addresses, phone numbers, names of employers or personal information about your, other Users or any other person’s families.
  3. You shall report identified violations of the Standards of Behaviour listed in section 2b. Each post is accompanied with a ‘Report’ button that allows you to report any violation immediately.
  4. You are not allowed to add advertising, promotional, or other types of solicitation-related materials. This includes advertising links.
  5. You are not allowed to launch any fraudulent and/or spam attacks or add any other type of irrelevant content.
  6. You acknowledge that you are not allowed to post or share any content that is subject to copyrights, trademarks and/or other intellectual property rights of other Users or third parties without their express prior consent.

4. Privacy Policy

Please refer to our Privacy Policy available in the footer of the homepage.

5. Intellectual Property Rights

  1. You acknowledge and agree that the Company retains all rights, titles, and interest (including but not limited to copyrights, trademarks as well as intellectual property rights) to all information and all content made available to you by the Company via the Platform and/or other means.
  2. You acknowledge and agree that the content you share on the Platform may be reposted by the Company on the Platforms’ social media accounts, including but not limited to Instagram and Facebook. When reposting the content on the Platform’s social media accounts, the Company guarantees that the content will be shared in a fully anonymous way.

6. Financial contributions

  1. When accessing the Platform, you have the possibility to make voluntary financial contributions in order to support the Platform and its purpose. All financial contributions received by the Company from the Platform’s Users will be used, in full, for the operational purposes of thePlatform such as salaries for employees and interns, hosting fees, web development fees, legal fees, marketing fees, taxes and any other fees that may occur in the context of the maintenance and/or the enhancement of the Platform.
  2. The company may generate income by allowing advertising or similar activities.

7. Liability

  1. You acknowledge and agree that the Company shall not be held liable for any damage directly or indirectly caused by any activity (active or passive) directly or indirectly connected with the Platform or its social media accounts. In particular, the Company shall not be liable for any direct or indirect damages caused by accessing content, sharing content, commenting on content shared by other Users that are made available on the Platform or the Platform social media account.
  2. The company shall not be held liable for any damages caused by interaction of any type between the Users on or/and outside the Platform.

8. Severability and Changes

  1. The Company may change or discontinue providing the access to thePlatform at any time without prior notice.
  2. To the extent that any provision of the Terms is found by any competent court or authority invalid, unlawful or unenforceable, that provision shall be deemed not to be a part of those Terms in that jurisdiction. It shall not affect the validity, lawfulness and enforceability of the remaining provisions.

9. Governing law

The Terms are governed by and construed in accordance with Swiss law. The executive place of jurisdiction of all legal proceedings is Zurich, Switzerland.